How to Win Badugi

What exactly is Badugi? This draw poker variant works similarly to the Triple Draw and shares the values of lowball. The entire gameplay and the betting structure are the just like standard poker, meaning the Badugi uses mandatory blinds. However, the biggest difference between classic poker games and Badugi lies in the number of cards


How Does Badugi Work

Welcome to Badugi simplified for you to learn. This is a low poker variant which uses four cards, sharing similar values with lowball. The only way to seize the pot is to have the lowest possible combination in hand, unlike Seven Card Stud or Texas Hold’Em poker. Badugi 101 To understand just how a particular

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We tend to take for granted our Internet access and the ability to place a bet anytime and everywhere simply because the web is all around us; the only thing you need to have is any type of electronic device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. However, this isn’t always the case

How Many People Play Slots Online

How Many People Play Slots Online?

Slot machines are considered to be the youngest of all of the gambling inventions. Yes, it may sound silly but the first slot machine was invented in 1891. However, this slot machine was nothing like the ones we use nowadays — it contained 5 drums in it, with 50 playing cards. To win, you needed