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We tend to take for granted our Internet access and the ability to place a bet anytime and everywhere simply because the web is all around us; the only thing you need to have is any type of electronic device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. However, this isn’t always the case if you are traveling abroad. Once you’re outside your home country, you will come across much different gambling and betting laws.

They are mainly determined on a nation-to-nation basis. It means that online casinos are a patchwork of uncertainty. And this goes both for Europe and the rest of the world. It is very often the case that your ability to place a bet depends solely on your bookmaker.

Every online casino and betting site that wants to do business on a defined territory has to apply for a valid gambling license in order to operate and comply with all the laws in the country from where it operates. It is imperative that you have the knowledge about the operator you choose to bet with; it needs to be available in the area you plan to visit.

One way to ensure you have the best chance of successfully betting abroad is to simply sign up with the most significant sites which have the most prominent worldwide coverage. We have some outstanding ones for you, not just because they are widely available, but also because they are amazing websites for betting — both abroad and home.

Best Online Sportsbooks in the UK

It’s important to know these — because the bookies accept accounts from foreign countries. Always contact customer service; they will provide you with the best answer on whether or not you’re allowed at a venue. Note that in some countries bookies are going to allow you to log into the account from another state. However, you may be limited regarding the bet types as well as the sections you can access. Again, it’s best if you contact the support and ask them yourself since there are no universal rules.

Ladbrokes/Coral Betting Company

One of the oldest bookmakers which still operate is Ladbrokes, which was founded way back in 1886, believe it or not. This company became colossal after merging with Coral. These two combined made the biggest UK-licensed sports company.

Ladbrokes provides the list of countries which they do not cover. This is great because you get to see if they cover your country. They also have a list of over two hundred countries where you can bet. Again, it will only take a couple of seconds to contact the customer support and make sure that the information you read on the list is still valid. And Ladbrokes indeed has a reliable and responsive live chat and telephone support.

Sportsbooks in the UK

For instance, you can bet in Germany, with the exception of greyhound and horse racing. You can also bet in Australia, Spain, and Belgium; however, you can only do so via local Ladbrokes website. Just remember that you need a residential address in order to do this.

Ladbrokes/Coral is a trustworthy website to gamble at from home, with numerous features and resources they like to display to conquer the competition. Coral is Great Britain’s betting company which gives you the best options while traveling. They also have an amazing bookmaker.

William Hill

William Hill goes hand-in-hand with Ladbrokes as one of the U.K.’s oldest and most reputable betting shops for many years. They are available in numerous countries. At William Hill, you can open and use an account from seventy countries. It’s an excellent option for sports bettors in need of a bookie with extraordinarily broad and comprehensive coverage. This betting house also operates in Australia, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, and Latvia, to name a few.

But there are some differences between these territories regarding the law, meaning that you may not be able to bet from particular countries. For example, in order to gamble in Italy or Australia, you need to create a new account which is registered in one of those two countries, with a permanent residential address of course.

Here’s the thing — William Hill isn’t precisely our number one recommendation to bet with at home, but it’s good to have an open account in case you plan to travel during the holidays.

888 Sport

The owners of 888 Sport, 888 Holding Group, are online gaming and betting international giants. It is only fair to say they are a fruitful global entity. If there is a legal betting market on our planet, the chances are — 888 are already on it. The coverage of this casino is even more comprehensive than merely sports betting. Unfortunately, U.S. players are some of the few who can’t place bets here. The official information is that 888 Sport doesn’t take bets from players from Israel, Turkey, or the USA, but other than this, they do have the most extensive coverage there is.


Many users complain about fixed odds in this online establishment. However, Betfair offers frequent, reliable promotions, global coverage, and are very innovative. In recent years, this online house expanded their market, and nowadays, they cover around fifty countries. But, just like 888 Sports, Betfair doesn’t receive users from any country with a comparable legal situation, meaning the United States isn’t welcome here for now.

Five Betting Markets When Betting Abroad


Since you are here reading this article, it’s highly likely that you browsed to find the information about betting abroad, but what you found was very confusing. And we agree, gambling laws are always a matter of debate and not just in the States; it’s a global issue. The truth is that the laws across the world are very diverse, so getting the answer to your question isn’t an easy task.

We’ll try to clarify this a bit for you. First of all, you have to know that there are five important types of market in total for betting abroad:

1. Licenced Unrestricted:

When it comes to this market type, a site needs to be licensed to operate. Also, it must adhere to the tax and gambling laws in that particular territory. If a website is holding a regional license, there is a chance you might be able to use your bookmaker abroad, but again, we recommend you to double-check this before you plan the trip.

2. Licenced Restricted:

The law, tax, and procedural differences can mean you won’t be able to use your UK account abroad. Another possibility is that you will be able to use it but only access some sections of the site. Also, there is a good chance you will not be applicable for some particular games or offers.

3. Regulated:

Now, this is a genuine gray area. In this case, countries, in fact, have gambling laws but don’t license online gambling establishments directly. Whether your bookies decide to work in a regulated market or not, it’s entirely up to them. But you have to be extremely cautious because it is your responsibility to do a background check of a bookie and check the laws in the country you are planning to bet from.

4. Unregulated:

This one sounds a bit shady, but it’s not necessarily the case. This kind of market was created for a whole range of countries without specific laws or licensing regarding online gaming. Once again, it entirely depends on your bookie whether or not you’ll be allowed to bet from these places. Be aware that the unregulated market has no legal protection in case something goes horribly wrong.

5. Illegal:

In this type of market, gambling is either so heavily restricted in the country or illegal, so you should definitely avoid betting here or, at least, trying to bet. The site operators will usually block any player from illegal territories. However, if you decide to use a VPN, you may be able to gamble and place your bets here. It’s best not to do so though. It could cost you a lot more than just the money you have invested. You may even face charges and end up in court or, eventually, prison. This isn’t worth the risk.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods While Betting Abroad

Can you deposit and withdraw your money abroad? If you have a registered payment method set up, nothing should be able to prevent you from funding your betting account. But you should know this: if you choose to make any larger transactions, chances are high that they will be blocked. This is all due to the anti-fraud system which traces players from foreign countries.

Should You Hold Multiple Accounts?

Since different betting sites offer different terms, they vary a lot. Hence, it makes sense to open up several accounts with sites which operate in distinctive markets. This way, you’ll have multiple options abroad. Another reason this may seem appealing is all the welcome bonuses and free bets online venues offer to new players. However, beware of the fact that some betting sites do not approve of their customers having multiple accounts in different places.

The Difference Between Casino and Sports Betting Abroad

These two can be licensed separately. Therefore, it is possible to access one but not the other on the same site while traveling. This is the case in the U.K. It all depends on the license the U.K. Gambling Commission provides.

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