What Are Rogue Casinos

Is gambling always safe and fair? There is no universal answer to this since unfortunately, due to the nature of gaming combined with the power of the Internet, there will always be an element of uncertainty.

Simply put, rogue or blacklisted casinos follow an unfair practice against players. Misleading advertisements, lack of payments and plenty of unanswered customer complaints are all telltale signs of a rogue casino. Always look out for a rogue casino by paying attention to a couple of warning signs listed below.

False Advertising

Constant promises of high winnings in a short period of time, thousands and thousands of dollars as a starting bonus and free spins are all the things they advertise. If you pay proper attention, you will be able to see the conditions you will have to fulfill in small letters in order to get anything. However, always remember to read the terms and conditions first, before reaching their prizes. If you ever happen to think to yourself: this is probably too good to be true, it most likely is.

Questionable Payment Practice

It is okay if the company has some regulations which cause you to receive your money a bit later. Some casinos can even take up to 30 days for the customer to receive their withdrawal. So keep in mind the difference between a lousy casino and a blacklisted one. Some rogue casinos will lie about the exact date and time of payment. The funny thing is, most of the rogue casinos will not even do that. They will tell you straightforward that due to violations of their current terms and conditions, you, unfortunately, have not met their deposit requirements and will not receive your earnings.

Lack of Randomness

Rogue casinos often compute dice rolls that would usually require a random generation of numbers. Pay attention to whether a casino Random Number Generator (RNG) is being regularly tested by an external testing agency.

Questionable Licenses

Every online casino has to have an online gaming license issued by one of the regulatory bodies. In order to earn a gaming license, casinos need to go through a number of tests that will prove their validity.

The license information should be easily accessible and proven. Otherwise, we do not recommend you participate and provide your personal details.


Every reputable gaming company has to have customer support that responds to your queries within a 24h time frame. For every question you might have, do not hesitate to double check their live chat or phone support that usually provides required assistance within a matter of minutes. Sending your queries using your email account is also an option. However, bear in mind that a response should not take longer than a day. So make sure that you are dealing with a quality casino which takes care of its customers, unlike most blacklisted ones.


Spam emails have never been a part of quality marketing. Bothering customers with likely misleading advertisements is a part of an unethical marketing strategy, and that is common practice for a lot of rogue casinos.


Overall, rogue casinos will always exist. It is understandable that it is tough to determine whether the casino you are interested in respects its players enough to follow all the standard procedures and regulations. Although, if you look into the matter further by following our previous advice, it will still be hard to be entirely sure. It is not something that is always fully transparent, obviously. However, by looking more into how they work, you will get a clearer picture. Also, we strongly advise looking at some customer feedback. But always bear in mind that you will find plenty of negative comments caused by anger and losses. However, claims about withdrawals are definitely a red flag. Moreover, looking up a list of currently rated rogue casinos will help. Once in doubt, consult with the site’s customer support regarding the matter that confuses you. If the response does not reach you within 48 hours, it is probably a wise thing to stay away from that casino.

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